Before The Wipe

This page contains logs of a few of the events that went down during the few days before the pwipe. If you have any logs that are not posted here and you would like them to be posted, please email them to me or transfer them on IRC. Some of the logs are broken at this time and will be fixed as soon as possible. You'll notice that most of the logs are in the perspective of Lizzy, so all you goons send in your logs too!

[01.07.00] Aath Cuddles With the Grim Reaper
With much-welcome aid from an unknown friend named Grimm, Aath takes on a group of 6 and triumphs easily.

[01.07.00] Tweaked Characters
While our group was in Kalaman, a few immortal-tweaked characters walked into to challenge us and totally decimated our hunting party with ease.

[01.08.00] Not So Honorable
In Kalaman, some KOS were found wandering around in a large group so we decided to can 'em.

[01.08.00] Mad Skillz
Haplo, Phule, Aath, and Elbereth take down a group of 11 assorted folks, including some Wild. Though most of the 11 were trash characters, it's still a show of some good playing on the part of Haplo and company.

[01.09.00] Blood Sea Pirate Massacre [temporarily unavailable]
Some Pirates were seen in Neraka, so we decided to kill them. They were already occupied with Lentyl when we arrived, but quickly diverted their attention to us. Both sides had some help from characters that had been buffed up by immortals.

[01.09.00] Victory for the Vikings
The Blood Sea Pirates fought some of our members and defeated them due to heavy imbalance of area casters--BSP had many immortal-tweaked prismers and tanks, while Wild had only one or two. The FOOM in the middle of Take One of the battle is pretty hilarious.

[01.09.00] The Wheel of Fate [temporarily unavailable]
Simple demonstration of what can happen when you make a bad roll on the wheel of fate.

[01.09.00] Wrong Place at the Wrong Time [temporarily unavailable]
Lizzy was bored and decided to go pkilling, and lo and behold a couple of likely foes happened to walk in at that time. It was bad luck on their part, but without a care Lizzy let the prisms fly.

[01.09.00] Random Acts of Cruelty
Pkilling some people in Kalaman who happened to arrive at that time, and one of them had a Renshai title, making it a nobrainer not to spare them. Basho, the Renshai boy, also shows us the meaning of twinkiness with his suicides. For some reason the victims of the original pkill kept coming back for more...

[01.10.00] Send 'Em Packing
With a few friends, Lizzy had been pkilling when the nobash/dragon orbed prismer Loafie decided he wanted to fight. The group managed to send him running initially, but he later healed self and returned, causing his foes, who had no heal potions or clerics, to recall.

[01.10.00] Harassing the Ascension
Having claired the Ascension group and finding them in Neraka, Lizzy decides to poof in and give them some trouble.

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