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[ 12.23.99 ] Punishment Without Trial
Some random pkillers made a hit on a low level Wild multi, and we decide to reward them with an early Christmas present. An easy hunt, to be sure, but it was fun too.

Lizzy's View

[ 12.22.99 ] What Happens to Spies
We found out that Tyr, whom we had grouped a few times in the past, was actually the BSP player of Myst. He didn't know that we had found out who he was, so we grouped him up and then killed him.

Quilax's View

[ 12.18.99 ] Don't Zone In Enemy Time
The BSP tank Jah logs on during enemy time and tries to get some experience. A few Wild get together and kill his party off, but the looting was unfortunately quite shoddy.

Quilax's View

[ 11.20.99 ] Tammer says 'fight fight'
Skiya attacked Pillo near the inn to put on the impression that they were trying to kill each other. Ahma's Tammer noticed this and came out of peace to observe the fight, falling right into the ingenious trap set up by the two aforementioned Wild. They immediately targeted the true enemy Tammer and annihilated him.

Pillo's View

[ 10.24.99 ] Kluthu the Male Idiot
Basically the Cabal mage Kluthu was using the same guy as a poof target all day in Kalaman Inn. Seeing this, Bruce (better known as Oigen/Mary) somehow set up a trap along with two friends to land Kluthu in one exit nomagic with a door. An ingenious idea which placed the reckless Kluthu in the land of the dead.

Bruce's View

[ 08.19.99 ] Rodnic appears in a puff of smoke.
Some RL/WR were on the prowl, hunting some Ahma trash. Suddenly, the Ahma stunner Rodnic poofed in. Apparently he didn't clair beforehand because he ended up facing off against 10+ RL and died very, very quickly. Quite a bit of nice stuff gained from Rodnic's stupidity including hardbash boots and +3 lightning bolt hat.

Karrot's View

[ 08.16.99 ] Got Bored, Killed Trash
Quilax and Merwin were bored one afternoon when they noticed Ahma trash druid Zahliz in Tarsis. With nothing better to do, the two go after Zahliz and score a kill.

Quilax's View

[ 07.30.99 ] Trash vs. Trash
The trash mage Nefertiti scores a pretty nice kill on the Ahma leader's junk druid Karpanen.

Nefertiti's View

[ 07.29.99 ] Bratomir the Brainless
Ahma's Bratogor stayed on during RL/WR time on his storage char Bratomir. RL paladin Abdul turned out to have flags on him which RL/WR used to kill him and score a huge pile of elite equipment. Zahliz logs on shortly afterwards and is also killed, but turns out to be naked. Later, Ahma's Kaine goes AFK in peace/magic room to wank off and is recalled by the RL/WR who kill him and score even more equipment.

Garac's View

[ 07.21.99 ] Mynt Freshens Up Ahma's Day
Good use of flags on Mynt's part allows RL to kill Bratogor and retrieve a lost item. Bratogor and Aldermoss attempt to cheat to retain ownership of most of their items, but the action is logged and dealt with. Chook escaped in this log, but was trashy anyway, and Reima was killed.

Ekho's View (Wild)

[ 05.19.99 ] What a self-sacrificing act! You're such a hero!
Loafie, Destiny's 300+hp nobash mage had made a habit of poofing in on RL groups and prisming to interrupt their zoning. As a result, practically everyone in RL had flags on him. This worked to their advantage as they came up with a very creative way to kill this "unkillable" foe.

Oigen's View (Wild)

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