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[ 12.20.99 ] Back to the Old School
Moving away from the recent trend towards mass area fights, this log is one of a mid-sized battle comprised almost completely of good old-fashioned fragging and tank bashing. It was a refreshing change, but even better was the nice loot that was gained from it. Overall Wild did a good job of their execution leading to an easy victory. BSP could have stood a chance if their group members hadn't panicked and pulled a mass recall at the beginning of the fight, leaving their fellow Pirates to walk the plank.

Pillo's View (Wild)

[ 11.11.99 ] Hit By a Cement Mixer
Once again rolling out the big groups, Ahma/BSP fought Wild in a full-on 12 vs. 12 battle. The mage area power of Pahuta and Lari gave Wild a huge advantage in the fight and they triumphed over their enemies quite easily. A Wild perspective of the fight is unavailable at this time. The Ahma perspective however contains some amusing whining at the end by the BSP druid Azason.

Yarilo's View (Ahma)

[ 11.03.99 ] Prisms and Color Sprays
BSP used their trash chars to ambush Wild in the middle of Forgotten Temple. However, Jeter's wizard eye helped alert Wild to the presence of BSP and allowed them to prepare for the fight. The combined power of Lari's prisms, Jeter's color sprays, and some hasted tanks allowed Wild to defeat BSP. In after-battle hunting courtesy of Lari and Jeter, Jotera, who had recalled, was killed.

Lansin's View (Wild)

[ 10.18.99 ] Balifor-Style Smackdown
Ahma/BSP finally worked up the courage to fight with big groups against Wild, leading to a 12 vs. 12 battle in Balifor. Both sides suffered losses but Wild emerged the victors. After the battle, Ahma/BSP attempted to hide out in Gargath's Keep, but were kind enough to leave an extra key for Wild to get in and kick their asses.

Burk's View (Wild)

[ 10.04.99 ] It's An Ambush!
Ahma's group was in Draconian Tower attempting to repop Oderus' insignia when a party of Wild walked in and ambushed them while they were in mid-battle. Most of the Ahmadians escaped, unfortunately.

Tu's View (Wild)

[ 08.17.99 ] Renshai Steps Up
More of a skirmish than a battle. The fledgeling clan Renshai attacks the RL thief Garac, who recalled and formed up a group of RL and Shriners to go after the Renshai. The two sides met up at the Crimson Teleporters where the RL team scored kills on the Renshai that were unable to escape the fray. After-battle hunting resulted in the death of Gherin. A peace treaty was worked out shortly after the battle, bringing an early end to this mini-war.

Merwin's View

[ 08.04.99 ] We'll Help You CR
Router lag caused Cabal to die on Tero at Shadow. After the lag cleared up, RL spies in Kalaman noticed several Cabal entering the game naked and in awful condition. Guessing what had happened, they quickly threw together a group to CR the Cabal. The two clans found each other just as Cabal was looting their corpses and preparing to recall, and RL laid the smack down in a big way. A later battle in Kalaman resulted in another RL victory.

Ekho's View (Wild)

[ 07.31.99 ] Untouchable
RL/WR and Ahma/Cabal meet up for a long-overdue battle in the Kalaman Training Academy. The Cabal team busted out a pretty balanced party with tons of tanks and area casters to defeat the RL/WR without a single loss to their own group. Ouch.

Leirin's View (Immortal)

[ 07.16.99 ] Pahuta Takes on Ahma
RL/WR claired Ahma in Temple of Takhisis and wanted to fight. In order to get them out of the zone to fight in Inn with flags they had Pahuta walk in and try to flush them out with prisms. Unfortunately, this tactic didn't work, but Pahuta was at least successful in making Ahma waste spells before the main event. A later battle in Palanthas resulted in yet another RL/WR victory. Brief commentary in the log by Fifo/Tys/Tert.

Fifo's View (Wild)

[ 07.10.99 ] Renegade Legion vs. Ahma
A small fight in which Team Ahma is defeated by the Renegade Legion and WildRunners.

Garac's View (Wild)

[ 07.01.99 ] Lurane Hides Under Ahma's Shadow
The Renegade Legion catch the Cabal cleric Lurane online during their time and go after him. They find him in the middle of doing Mound with Ahma; their entire group attacks Lurane and Ahma, by instinct, defends their groupie Lurane. The much smaller RL group suffers a minor defeat at the hands of the Ahmadians. This skirmish was what initiated the war between Ahma and RL.

Liekki's View (Ahma)

[ 06.21.99 ] What the Hell Were You Thinking?
Ahma makes the extremely poor decision of moving a caster-heavy party dominated by area casters to a peace room. Skillful flag work on the WildRunner's part results in a defeat for Ahma.

Garac's View (Wild)

[ 06.17.99 ] Electrocuted to Death
Cabal surprises the RL/WR party with 4 lightning stormers to execute a flawless victory.

Ytara's View (Cabal)

[ 06.15.99 ] A Good Plan That Didn't Quite Pan Out
Seaver mass dispelled 3 times at the beginning of the battle and attempted to sponge the entire fight, but good bashing and area spells from Cabal and Destiny helped them to defeat the Renegade Legion and Shriners.

Elrax's View (Cabal)

[ 06.12.99 ] The Turning Point
Cabal/Destiny defeats Rl with good bash and spell targeting and fireshield. The death of Adun in this battle marks the turning point in the RL vs. Cabal wars. The Caballians attempted to score additional kills in after-battle hunting but were forced to retreat from the Gulfport Inn by a small re-equipped party of RL.

Adun's View (Wild)

[ 06.06.99 ] Lesson #1: The Basilisk Does Not Discriminate
Cabal attempted to ambush RL in Celestial Temple at the basilisk, but their plan backfired, leading to an RL victory.

Adun's View (Wild)

[ 05.31.99 ] Destiny Meets Their Destiny
Long a thorn in RL's side, Destiny logged on during RL zoning time to fight once again. The two clans met north of Kalaman for a spammatic area fest. The battle was highlighted by tons of ice storms and prisms. An early and well placed stun from Tesla put the RL prismer Pahuta out of action early on. Seaver used an area wand at the beginning of the battle to act as a sponge. When the dust settled and the corpses were tallied, RL turned out to be the victor by killing all 12 Destinians without losing a single of theirs.

Okta's View (Wild)

[ 05.29.99 ] Part IV of This Exciting Series from ArcticBooks Inc.
RL/WR reiterate their superiority over the Cabal.

Eiti's View (Wild)

[ 05.17.99 ] Smackdown at the High Clerist's Tower
Cabal and Destiny challenge Renegade Legion to fight at the southern portcullis of High Clerist's Tower but end up getting ruled by the 4 ice storming druids in the RL party.

Abdul's View (Wild)

[ 05.08.99 ] Err... Bad Move, Claus
After RL's face off with Destiny from the night before, RL attempted to talk to the leader of Cabal to avoid any tensions between the two clans. However, Cabal's leader Elrax/Claus simply said 'Why don't you recruit some people and kill us?' RL happily obliged, and the two clans met up between Palanthas and Kalaman with mid-sized groups for a battle largely dominated by traditional fighting methods with very little area. RL turned out the victors in this fight, killing most of the Caballian team without losing any of theirs.

Abdul's View (Wild)

[ 05.07.99 ] Regulation of Group Members
The fledgeling RL groups earlier in the day with the Shriner mage Pahuta, causing Destiny to take action, catching them at Thorbardin. The more powerful Destiny party easily won the battle, though most of the RL party managed to escape the carnage.

Loafie's View (Destiny)

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