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This is the homepage for the ArcticMud player clan known as Wild. Wild was formed through the merger of two of Arctic's dominant clans, The Renegade Legion and the WildRunners. A few Tarsis Shriners play among our ranks as well.

The main purpose of this web page is to store logs of our battles and pkills, as well as to provide a definitive list of clan members and some links to other Arctic-related web pages. As as result, I won't be making this site particularly fancy or anything. Anyway, enjoy the page!

[ January 10, 2000 ]
The mud pwiped today as previously announced on the news. The few days before the wipe hit were filled with chaos and tons of pkilling. I have a couple of logs posted containing some of the events that went down. I'm making a special section of the page to keep these logs. You can
access it here. If anyone has any logs of their own of these events, then mail them to me and I'll be happy to post them. Currently most of the logs are my own, so it would be nice to receive logs from some other sources.

I haven't had much time for anything aside from schoolwork lately, and thus have not been able to work on the redesign that I had hoped to finish so long ago. However, I am now hoping to finish the face-lift by the time we title our new characters this wipe and reveal our presence. I'll keep you all updated on the status.

[ December 31, 1999 ]
Happy new year everyone! One new log has been added depicting how Wild deals with spies in our midst, it's actually over a week old but I had forgotten to post it with the last update. You can find it in the Pkilling logs section, along with a brief commentary.

[ December 27, 1999 ]
I hope everyone had a great time over the holidays. Today I have uploaded a couple of battles from the last two or three weeks that I hadn't had the time to post until now. Included is one beatdown of BSP forces and one pkilling log of us bringing some random pkillers to justice for killing a low level Wild multi. Also one older log was added of Pillo and Skiya tricking the Ahma thief Tammer and causing his demise.

[ December 21, 1999 ]
Haven't had as much time as I would have liked to work on the web page redesign, so I'll be posting some recent logs on the current page for now. Currently a new log is up of Jah logging to get some exp during enemy time and ending up losing a level instead. Also some clan wars will be posted very soon.

[ December 06, 1999 ]
I'm going to be trying some new ideas in terms of the appearance of the page--e.g. a redesign. Expect it to be completed within the next week or so, time allowing. Along with the redesign, some new logs will be uploaded as well.

[ November 11, 1999 ]
Pretty big battle against our friends over at Ahma/BSP today. Andhean finally came out to fight making this battle an interesting one; unfortunately, he escaped in the end. A nice victory for Wild though. Log available in Clan Wars.

[ November 03, 1999 ]
Small battle against some Blood Sea Pirates trash chars in Forgotten Temple today. Log available in the Clan Wars section.

[ October 28, 1999 ]
The grand opening of the page. Member list is currently unfinished. However, a few pkill logs and a large number of clan war logs have been posted, and the web links section is up and running. You can expect some small changes to the appearance of the page such as the addition of some basic graphics in the near future.

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